My name is Geoffrey, I live in Belgium and I have been driving my 1966 fastback since 2000. Yes, I said “been driving”, because I love to get behind the wheel.
My nickname is Mustangdriver and my website is

How it began

My love for Mustangs began more then 20 years ago, seeing a ’67 hardtop in my hometown and of course seeing the movie Bullitt.
As a 16 year old I neither had the money nor the driving license….

Eventually, after getting the license and saving money, I was able to buy my 1966 fastback in 2000.  That is 120.000km ago.
Yes, I say kilometers, not miles, because I have a true Belgian Mustang.  It has 95 as DSO code and it was sold new in Belgium in early 1966.
So besides having the odometer in kilometers it also has the export brace (like the Shelby’s had), a ticker front sway bar, white front parking lenses and a European Blaupunkt AM-FM radio.

From an original classic to an upgraded fastback

Originally it was sold in Wimbledon White with a standard black interior and a 4 speed. It had the standard wheel covers, a console, rally-pack and the visibility group (2 speed wipers, day/night mirror and adjustable driver’s side mirror).
When I bought it, it had changed to a Clearwater Aqua V8 with and AOD transmission, AC, power steering and disc brakes.
Over the years many things have been replaced, restored or improved.
Three years ago I installed a new engine and most other mechanical parts have been replaced.
The next item on the list is a complete new wiring loom.

I drive my car to shows, drives but also go on holiday with it.
Most surrounding countries have been visited (even the UK, driving on the left side of the road!) and I have driven on several European tracks including the famous Belgian Spa Francorchamps of course.


There are so many good memories but I will give you 5

  1. The very first holiday with the fastback in 2000, what an experience! One week in Germany visiting the Rhine area.
  2. The Mustangdrivers weekend in Alsace (France) included a drive called ‘Route des Crètes’. Epic driving! Hairpin corners and views are a must for every driver.
  3. The 50th Mustang Anniversary Meeting on the Zandvoort track in the Netherlands organized by the Dutch Mustang club. What a day!
    My car on display in the “Mustang Timeline”, free track driving and a huge Mustang parade at the end with over 500 cars on the track, simply amazing.
  4. My car being used for a friend’s wedding. Gorgeous sunny weather, a happy bride and groom, great pictures and a fun day.
  5. A unique photo shoot with a C-47 Dakota; a true D-day veteran that flew on June 6th, 1944.
    You don’t do that every day!


Besides these experiences I also have a group of friends called “The Mustangdrivers”, every year we organize a weekend abroad.
I have my own website and this year I organize, together with my parents, the 19th edition of the “Flanders Mustang Event”. It’s a drive for all Mustangs and each year approximatley 50 cars participate.

A supermodel called Mustang

I also combine my 2nd hobby (photography) with my Mustang passion.
Many photo shoots have taken place; my favorites backdrops being old castles in Belgium/Europe and vintage war birds (planes).
Most people have heard about the famous P-51 Mustang plane, well I have pictures of my car in front of not 1 but 2 different P-51’s!

So there we go, that is me and my Mustang in a nutshell. As for the future, I have many more drives on the wish list; one would be visiting the Big Power Meet in Sweden.

Geoffrey, Belgian Mustangdriver