Hi Bullitt friends

I’m Geoffrey and I want to tell you the story of my incredible search for my ’51 Chevrolet Fleetline.

One fine day I was browsing the internet when I stumbled upon a beautiful ’51 Fleetline.  Since I was at work, I wasn’t able to contact the owner right away so I decided to do that later when I was back home.
Later that evening I tried to find the advertisement again but it was deleted from the website….that was a bummer!
Since I was really interested in this car and didn’t have the contact info I tried to contact the website asking if they could provide me with the owners’ phone number or email address.  Due to their privacy policy this wasn’t possible….I was mad at myself that I had waited to contact him.

A month went by when, all of a sudden, a friend of mine texted me to check out a car that was for sale on the internet.
There she was again, the same Fleetline that slipped between my fingers

I had learned my lesson, so I contacted the guy straight away to ask why the car was back online.  It turned out that the initial buyer didn’t show up…
Lady Luck was on my side, this time the ’51 Chevy was coming home with me.

Our story is far from over but I wanted to schade this with you to show you that if it’s meant to be, your dream will come true!