1968 Ford Mustang Coupe – The Black Dahlia

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$ 999,999,999
Condition Used
Year 1968
Engine 460 Cui
Fuel Gasoline

Vehicle Details

Condition Used
Make Ford
Model Mustang
Year 1968
Price $ 999,999,999
Fuel Gasoline
Color Black
Body Style Coupe
Transmission Automatic
Doors 2
Engine 460 Cui

Vehicle Description

The Black Dahlia, a legend in her own time, but surrounded by tragedy and sadness.  That’s why we decided to baptize this 1968 Mustang Coupe ‘The Black Dahlia’, as her history started beautiful but ended in tragedy as well.

She started out a couple of years ago as a husband/wife project.
A newly wed couple fell in love with this ’68 Coupe and wanted to make it their own.
After spending many hours and money on it, disaster struck and the wife passed away.
Filled with grief, the husband didn’t want to part from the car that brought him so many happy memories and joy…but working on it was too painful as well, so The Black Dahlia just stood there as a reminder of better times.

As months came and went, The Black Dahlia started to suffer under the fact that she wasn’t touched anymore.  And her owner saw that too.
He didn’t want her to wither and decided to let her go….on to better times, on to many new exciting adventures with her new owners.

And now she’s here with us, anxiously waiting for that new owner, that new family, to become their project, their pride and joy.

She’s already up and running, and also has a clear title to put her on the road right away.

Her 460 Cui big block engine, C6 transmission, new fuel tank, rack&pinion, and a front and rear end from a 90’s Mustang, make her a nice project car that you can enjoy driving right away.

Her floors and trunk are solid but her body has taken a beating from sleeping outside, so some body work has to be done but no major problems.